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Summer Concert Series: Brother Spellbinder

Brother Spellbinder is an inter-generational group that lays a genre bending style of indie-folk with elements of classical, gypsy jazz, and Americana.

They like to call it Cabaret Folk-Pop.  It is the vision of Alzara Getz, whose day job as a social worker and deep interest in how people heal is a source of inspiration for songwriting. After years of singing with a variety of bay area bands, she decided it was time to lead her own. She formed Brother Spellbinder with guitarist Jamie Wilson. Wilson was an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and counters Alzara's dulcet voice with a dollop of gristle in his vocals and woody uitar that resonates with an earthy om. Two rotating cellists round out the lower registers with rich velvet tones: Rice masters graduate Gabriel Beistline, a regular with The Santa Rosa Symphony, Merced Symphony and many others, and Helena Tietze, daughter of a choir director and organist, an accomplished pianist/keyboardist, and a singer/songwriter herself. The higher registers are shared by lead guitarist Sean Griffin with soulful and sensual riffs and violinist Zoe Atlas with playful and plaintive melodies. Drummer Steve La Porta steers the songs with creative marches, world beats and joyful vibrations.

 The group has performed at local festivals such as SF Free Folk Fest, Edwardian Ball, Chocolate & Art in addition to bay area venues, art galleries, radio stations and wineries. 




"It's every artist's dream to be seen as something different and difficult to categorize but few acts - despite the seemingly infinite number of music acts that are out there - deserve to be seen in such a light as BROTHER SPELLBINDER. The unearthly combination of lead singer ALZARA GETZ's ethereal serenading and BROTHER SPELLBINDERS' acoustic charged folk-jazz approach is an alluring one." Rockwired


"Tender and lovely, Brother Spellbinder’s “When The Earth Was Still Flat” is chamber pop at its most perfect." 

Skope Magazine 


"rother Spellbinder has released their latest EP, When The Earth Was Still Flat, a 7-song indie folk meets acoustic pop fountain that spouts poetic grace in the middle of today’s non-poetic music jungle." The Miews


"Brother Spellbinder is one of those creations that can only be described as pure art. " Indie Band Guru


Video links:

Live for tiny desk entry:

Live at Hotel utah: (Russian folk song)


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twitter: @brthrspellbindr

Later Event: July 7
At the Chef's Booth: Katie Mae